We are looking for both senior and junior level software developers to join our team in Helsinki. Your tasks will depend on your skills and interests, but can be, for example, implementing different layers of applications and larger systems, designing software architecture, auditing code, optimizing multimedia playback, 3D and graphics programming. Depending on the project, the work may be done on-site at customer’s premises or at our own office.

We expect you to have at least some experience in developing software for Android, iOS, embedded systems or desktop. You are able to communicate ideas and opinions clearly both verbally and in writing.

A senior developer is expected to have broad experience and to master several programming languages such as C, C++, Python, JavaScript, know at least one mobile platform well and also have some knowledge of embedded devices. Architecture design, team leading and technical project manager skills are a definite bonus. You are able to complete tasks independently and organize your own work as required, but you are not afraid to ask for support when needed.

A junior developer is expected to be motivated to improve his/her skills and able to learn new programming languages, tools, technologies as well as to be flexible regarding the task assignments. Ideally you already have some relevant work experience and are good with at least one programming language and/or framework, for example JavaScript and React.

At Movial you will work with supportive, fun and skilled colleagues from Helsinki as well as from our other offices abroad. You will have the opportunity to work on interesting and varying projects where the product of your work may be used by literally millions of people. You will have an opportunity to develop your skills further and learn new ones. We offer competitive compensation based on your experience, skills and work results. We are flexible with regards to organizing your work and vacations. We have a very relaxed office atmosphere without any politics or corporate bureaucracy. A temporary transfer to one of our other offices abroad may be possible later, if you are interested.